1. My husband and best friend, Mark...
2. The Word of God and today, especially Psalm 25
3. Tiny little daffodil heads pushing their way through the winter soil
4. Charley Boorman
5. The fact that there is beauty everywhere if I look carefully enough
6. Miss Polly's Kindergarten
7. Jan who prays for and with me faithfully, patiently and relentlessly
8. Bedtime
9. Hot toddies (lemon+honey+ginger)
10. Laughter
11. Being able to spill my guts to my best friend without any fear of being judged
12. iTunes
13. My iPod
14. Tim Hughes
15. Hope and light at the end of the tunnel
16. Sore throat lozenges
17. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen, a couple of very good friends...
18. Gill, Rene and Colin, who take Thomas to school on the mini bus everyday, with such good cheer
19. Journalling
20. Handcream
21. Blogging awards!
22. The discovery of new blogs
23. Meeting Debs last Friday
24. The end of half-term and resuming of the school term
25. My lovely Miss Wright

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